Smooth Event Management Experience

Want to get things done efficiently when organizing events? KKTIX keeps everything in just few clicks from creating page, event management, marketing, to selling tickets, all in one place.

Create Your Event Page

Create your own event page without developing your website. KKTIX provides you with many themes to use. It's more than easy to insert images, links, videos and event agenda to your event page.

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Efficient Ticketing Service

Flexible Forms

Create your registration form to filter your attendees. Our "Tag" feature lets you label your special attendees. For "Organization Plan" orgnizers, you may let your attendees upload files when signing up events, which makes holding contest evet possible.

Full-Function Dashboard

You may check the real-time progress of you ticket sale 24/7. KKTIX lets you easily export the details of orders and attendee lists to streamline your registration management and billing process.

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Payment Methods

KKTIX provides you with many payment options including ATM virtual code, Visa, Mastercard, Paypal and convenience store. Our transactions go through the industry-standard 128-bit encryption to secure your data.

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Streamline Your Event Management Process

Manage Multiple Events in One Time

Creat your own organization, manage multiple events at the same time. You may set up different roles for your members who organize the event to access different registration information. We not only make your hosting experience productive but safe.

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Invitation Code

You can use invitation code to send out specific tickets to media, speakers and your VIPs. Inviting your important guests can't be easier.

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It's real-time, fast and easy!

Creat your event one time, and you will have smooth responsive web page for evey device. KKTIX App makes your attendees bring your events anytime and anywhere.

E-Tickets Admission

Choose KKTIX QR Code e-ticket to entry your event. With KKTIX Manager App, you can use your mobile devices as QR Code scanner to sync up the real-time attendee numbers, saving paper use for our environment at the same time. What's awesome is that this fast and easy e-ticket servise is free for you. KKTIX also provides high-speed QR-Code scanner rental, making your admission experience faster and smoother.

Event Marketing

We are happy to publicize your event with many resources including KKTIX homepage, KKTIX's Explore page, Facebook fan page, E-mail direct marking, and KKTIX App.

Streamline Your Event Hosting Experience

KKTIX's service streamlines your event management experience for all types of events.


We make sure you'll have the best experiece from event setting, management, seating, to fast entry.


We offer three languages of interface including Chinese, English and Japanese. You may use our fast-entry service, file uplpoad feature and E-mail marketing to host international events.


With our organization feature, you can manage multiple events easily, and open many courses at the same time. You can custimize your registration form to collect your attendee information data and send them E-mails directly on KKTIX.


You'll have Chinese, English, and Japanese registration interface, and you may keep track of your admission status with our fast ticket sanning service.

Our Clients


KKTIX 方便的活動建立,報名、付款流程上的協助,讓我們得以專注在活動的內容上。與時俱進的功能和流暢的溝通管道,更是 KKTIX 的重要特色!



g0v 高村長

KKTIX 是令人安心的活動平台,團隊獲得各技術大會議肯定。從票種設定、報名付款、行前通知,到活動報到 App 一氣呵成,簡直像是有小幫手在全職處理所有細節,讓你可以專心把活動辦好。

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