Terms of Service

I. Service Terms

Agreement to Terms of Service

  1. KKTIX is the service provided by WALKING INTERNET ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED (the Company) under this Terms of Use (the Terms). When you use KKTIX, you agree that you have read, understood, and consented to all the content stated in the Terms. If you are a minor, you should make sure your parents (or guardians) read, understand and agree you to comply with the Terms in full before you start using KKTIX.
  2. You understand and agree that, when you’re using KKTIX, your intent may be declared electronically. For example, when you click “agree” or “confirm” button on our web pages, it is an official declaration of your intent.
  3. We reserve the right to modify or amend the Terms due to service adjustment or changes of relevant laws and regulations. Please visit the Terms from time to time. Your continued use of KKTIX after any such modification or amendment constitutes your or your parent’s (or guardian’s) acceptance of the new Terms.

II. Rights and Obligations

  1. Accounts, Passwords and Security

    1. When you sign up for KKTIX, you should provide accurate and complete personal data. After you provide it, please keep it updated. If any of the personal data you provide is incorrect, outdated or misleading in any way, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your membership and your right to use KKTIX at any time.
    2. After the verification process of the email you provided is completed successfully, you will be able to make a purchase. To safeguard the information related to the transaction, process and delivery such information completely, we may refuse to verify the email you provided from some specific email services.
    3. We may require you to set up an account, which includes a user ID and password. You have the obligation of safekeeping your account information. We will use the user ID and password to verify your identity. You will be held responsible for any activity carried out under your user ID and password.
    4. To protect your rights and interests, please do not provide your account ID and password to any others. In the event of any loss caused by your providing account ID and password to others, we shall not be held responsible for any liability. If you find or doubt that your user ID and password may be used by others, please notify us immediately.
    5. Our Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy applies to the use of KKTIX and we save, use, store or disclose the member information in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Please refer to our «Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy». The Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy constitutes parts of the Terms.
  2. User’s obligation and promise

    1. You, as a registered member or non-registered user, should comply with all the applicable laws and regulations when using KKTIX. You agree and promise that you will not use KKTIX to violate the right or interest of others or engage in any illegal act, including but not limited to the following:
      1. Damaging others’ reputation; invading others’ privacy; infringing trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, patents and other intellectual property and any other rights of others;
      2. Breaching confidentiality obligation owed under the laws or any contract;
      3. Using others’ account without authorization;
      4. Spreading virus;
      5. Any other conduct that we believe is improper under due cause.
    2. When you register an event or purchase a ticket for others, consent from such others is required. You should not collect more personal data than required for the purchase and should not continue to use such personal data after the transaction completes.
  3. Suspension of Services

    When we move, change, upgrade, maintain, or repair the software or hardware, the service of KKTIX, in whole or in part, may be temporarily suspended or interrupted. The suspension or interruption may be announced on our website. We shall not be held liable for any loss or damages (direct or indirect) caused from such maintenance or force majeure events.

  4. Intellectual Property Rights

    The intellectual property rights of the software or programs used on KKTIX, all the content on the website, including, but not limited to, writes, images, files, information, data, website structure, website screen arrangements, web page design, and etc. are owned by us or other right holders. Such intellectual properties include but not limit to trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets and know-how. Anyone shall not to use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, make derivative work, distribute, publish, make it public, reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble without authorization. If you intend to quote or reproduce such software, program, or website content, you should have lawfully obtained prior written consent from us or other right holders. Respect to intellectual property rights is your obligation. In case of any violation, you should be responsible for damages compensation (including but not limited to, litigation costs and attorneys' fees, etc.) and may be subject to applicable criminal liability.

III. Purchase Terms

KKTIX is a service that sells tickets online. We provide ticketing services for various events, or act as an agent for the event organizers to provide electronic tickets or collecting payments for such electronic tickets. We announce the prices, time, venue, name or other announcements related to an event based on the information provided by the event organizer. You should contact the event organizer for the content, quality or relevant rights and interests regarding the event, and follow the notices and rules of the event organizer to solve any questions in this regard.

  1. How do you make a purchase?

    You should follow the instruction on our website in making the purchase. If you provide erroneous information or conceal true information, the purchase may fail, the ticket may not be issued, you may not be admitted to the event, the ticket may not be returned, and etc. Unless you are able to provide documents to prove your identify, you shall be solely responsible for any consequence resulted from your failure in providing accurate information.

  2. Payment and confirmation

    1. You should confirm the content of your purchase carefully before making the payment.
    2. The person making the purchase shall be the same as the person making the payment. If they are different, in case of any dispute, the person making the purchase shall be the actual purchaser of the ticket.
    3. If you pay by a credit card, the system will enter the credit card authorization process immediately. During the time, please do not turn off the computer or exit the webpage. The waiting time may exceed 60 seconds when the line is busy. Please be patient. After the purchase is completed, an email notice will be sent to inform you so. (If you use a free email service, you may not be able to get such email.) After the purchase is completed, please check your purchase record to confirm.
  3. How do you collect tickets?

    1. All tickets are unregistered valuable instruments. Please keep your tickets with due care. Please contact KKTIX Support Center in the event of tickets lost, damaged, or destroyed.
    2. Once the electronic ticket has been transmitted to your personal computer or hand-held mobile device, all rights and obligations, including but not limited to the use, exchange, or refund of tickets, shall follow the Terms and the rules of the event organizer.
    3. For tickets other than electronic tickets, please follow the rules of other ticket issuance platforms.
  4. When you are admitted to the event

    1. You should arrive the venue on time and should be admitted to the event with your ticket. If you have a discounted ticket, please present your identification documents; if you fail to produce your identification document, the event organize may refuse you to enter the venue or request your compliance with additional procedure.
    2. You should observe the requirements of the venue and comply with the rating restriction.
    3. The requirements of venues may vary. You should confirm with the event organizer and venue in advance to avoid confusion, and agree to comply with the applicable requirements.
    4. Each individual shall have one ticket for entering the event. If you have an electronic ticket, each ticket can only be scanned once. A copied or forwarded ticket shall be void. The validity of a ticket shall depend on the result generated by the event organizer’s verification system and the event organizer shall have the ultimate right of the determination.
    5. Other conditions and limitations are specified on the tickets.
  5. Exchange or Refund

    1. Exchange: We do not exchange tickets. Please have your ticket refunded and make another purchase of the ticket you need.
    2. Refund by the purchaser:You should request a refund from the event organizer. The refund periods may vary depending on different event organizer. Please refer to the website of the particular event. Before the event starts, the refund may be subject to a surcharge. The rules and standards of refund and the surcharges will be stipulated in the webpage of the event.
    3. Refund due to force majeure causes:In case of major domestic or international events, nature cause, or causes by the event organizer or the performers, which result in delay or postpone of the events, we will make an appropriate announcement before the first day of the event and publish the announcement on our website.
    4. You should not purchase tickets from other unauthorized channel (such as online auction sites), in order to protect your rights and interests.
    5. If you purchase a ticket package, you should refund the complete package of the tickets. A refund of any individual tickets in a package is not allowed.
    6. Where KKTIX handles the exchange or refund on behalf of the event organizer, the specific rules will be announced separately in the individual event web pages and our official website.
  6. Refuse or Terminate of Use

    If you engaged in any of the following behavior, for security of transaction, we have the right to suspend and/or terminate your use of KKTIX (including but not limited to taking down the webpages of the events, suspending the transaction of KKTIX, refuse to sell tickets, cancellation of purchase contract orders or any related parts, etc.):

    1. failure to complete the required steps within the time limit announced in KKTIX;
    2. failure to follow the payment method specified by the event organizer in KKTIX;
    3. failure to make the payment within the time limit required by KKTIX and/or the amount of the order is not paid in full;
    4. the transaction seems to be processed unusually or massively;
    5. any improper behavior hinders normal ticket-sales in KKTIX, including but not limited to re-registering account without reasons, intention to circumvent the restrictions on the purchase of tickets by KKTIX and the event organizer, failure to taking the ticket within the time, claim refunded ticket, cancel the purchase contract order, or refund without reasons;
    6. any behavior violates any laws regulations, such as resale of ticket for earning profits;
    7. any behavior violates this Terms of Service and/or related the rules and requirements from the event organizer and KKTIX.
  7. Consumer Dispute Resolution and Invoices

    1. For any question related to the event or event content, please refer to the event webpages and contact the event organizer.
    2. If you purchase securities from KKTIX, according to Article 4 of the Regulations Governing the Use of Uniform Invoices, entrance fee revenues of entertainment businesses may be exempted from the use or issuance of uniform invoices. If your need the proof of purchase, please contact the event organizer.
    3. For any question related to the ticketing service, please email to support@kktix.com. We will process your inquires during our office hours.

VI. General Provisions

  1. Effect of the Terms

    1. The Terms constitute an agreement between you and the Company.
    2. Where any provision of the Terms (in part or in whole) is held invalid, the effect of the remaining provision shall remain unaffected.
    3. A one-day review period has been given to you for this agreement. If you do not agree with any provision of the Term, please DO NOT use KKTIX.
  2. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

    The interpretation and application of the Terms, and any dispute related to the Terms shall be governed by the Law of the Republic of China, and shall be submitted to Taiwan Taipei District Court as the court of the first instance.