Where can I find E-Tickets QRCode?

You can find QRCode in KKTIX App, My Tickets Page on KKTIX, and your booking E-mail.


  • 1.

    Download KKTIX App
  • 2.

    Open KKTIX App, find "Tickets" on the side menu.
  • 3.

    Find your tickets in your registered events.
  • 4.

    Press "Show Tickets" button.
  • 5.

    You should see your QRCode ticket now.



Click on "My Tickets" on the menu.


Click on "Registration Data"


You may see your detailed registration information and your QRCode tickets.

How to use E-tickets?

At KKTIX events, you can show your E-tickets with any way mentioned above. Once the QRCode is scanned and confirmed, you are good to go. When you cancel your order or refund your tickets, your QRCode will be invalid at the same time.

Please keep in mind:

  1. Each E-ticket is only valid for one person in one event and cannot be reused.
  2. E-tickets are equivalent to bearer instruments. Please keep your mobile phone safe along with your ticket since there’s no substitution whatsoever for your E-ticket. There will be a charge for replacement or refund of E-tickets. Please visit KKTIX Web site or call Customer Service at 02-2752-2836 for details.
  3. Holder of discount ticket must present the related ID and ticket at the entrance.
  4. As a sales service provider, KKTIX is not responsible for the changes in contents, quality and offers of the events. Please contact the event organizers for the latest announcements and instructions.
  5. Rules and conditions may vary by different event organizers and venues; please follow with which provided by the respective organizer.
  6. Early departure or late arrival is not allowed in some performance events. Tickets cannot be returned or refunded in such situations.

Area-specific information: