Get tickets and select your seats with just 5 easy steps on KKTIX!

1.Find event page

Go the end of the event page and click on the "Reserve Now" button.

2.Choose ticket type and ticket quantity

When entering ticket selecting page, you will see all available seats on the seating plan. You may select ticket types and quantity that you want to purchase below. After reading and agreeing to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, click on the "Next Step" button to continue.

3.Select your seats

On the seating page, our system will allocate the best seats for you automatically. You may change your seats within the restricted time period.

Change your seats

On the Seating Plan, the green seats are the seats you've occupied. If you wish to change to other seats, just click on the green ones and select any white seats that you want to change to.Notice: You can only change your seat to the one with the same ticket type and price.

Purchase more seats

To make the process easier, at this stage, you may even add tickets to your order. To do so, just simply put your cursor over the white seat you'd like to buy. The info area on the right of the page shows you the seat details and the total amount of your order. Once you confirm your purchase, we will lead to the payment page. Please NOTE that you are not NOT able to purchase more seats at this point if the tickets you have chosen requires certain qualification.

Remove Tickets

If you want to remove some ticket from your order, you don’t have to start over again: Just click on the “X” (Delete) from the ticket list and it’s all done.
Note: You can buy tickets from another section first, and remove other tickets to “change” your seat to another section.

4.Complete your payment

Fill out the form and complete your payment within the restricted time period on the payment page.

Choose how you want to pay and pick up your tickets

Confirm your order. Choose your payment method and ticket form.

5.Pick up your tickets

After completing your payment, follow the ticket pick-up rule to get your tickets, and you will be good to go.